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Author: Michael Zipursky

How to Get Paid on Time

The graveyard is filled with businesses that had cash flow problems. If you’d like to avoid ending up with the same fate, make sure you’re not committing this classic consulting sin. The reason most consultants don’t do this is because they are too scared to ask their clients. Consultants ask me all the time, “my …

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Asking for Referrals: How It’s Really Done

Most consultants misunderstand the referral process. You see, there are two kinds of referrals: a) The ones you initiate; b) The ones that come to you. The vast majority of people think about referrals as the ones that come to you. That’s fine if you’re business is well-established, you have a pipeline full of business …

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Stop Giving Advice Away for Free

Have you ever noticed that when you give someone advice for free they don’t take action on it? When someone pays you for that same advice they are much more likely to use what you’ve shared with them and benefit from it. Those kinds of people do exist. They just want to get what they …

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How to Get Better At Saying “No”

Your kindness and generosity can be a great threat to your business. As your business becomes more successful, as your career rises to new heights, you start getting a LOT of requests from people… The better you get at saying “No” the more productive you’ll be and the faster you’ll reach your goals. …friends, colleagues, …

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