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Author: Michael Zipursky

Why You Can Become a Consultant at Any Age

One of the great things about becoming a consultant is that you can take the step at any age. I’ve heard all the complaints, concerns and excuses… “I’m too young. No one will listen to me…” and “I’m too old, everyone is younger than me…” Here’s the thing, we can all come up with reasons …

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Future Planning Can Do More Harm Than Good

Thinking too much about the future and not enough about the present reduces your chances of success. I was sitting on my mat at the yoga studio stretched forward over my knees holding a deep pose. If you don’t focus enough on the NOW and take the actions your business needs to take NOW, you’ll …

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100 Tips on How to Start a Consulting Business

There are all kinds of consultants in my coaching program where we focus on getting more clients and increasing your income. Some consultants are already earning $10K, $40K, even $80K a month. Other consultants are just getting started. They’ve been managers and executives in the corporate world and are new ready to transition to become …

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