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Author: Michael Zipursky

The Value of a True Work-Life Balance

Many of us fall into this trap at some point during our professional lives. The pile of “things to do” grows and grows until it feels like it’s going to hit the roof and topple all over us. Whether you’re a business consultant or business owner finding that right work-life balance is critical. We all …

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Why Consultants Have a Bad Name

Consultants have a bad name. There I said it. You think I’m joking? Okay, not all consultants have a bad name, but to many people the word ‘consultant’ brings mixed emotions. If I said “car salesman” what would most people think of? Overly-aggressive, fast talking and sleazy. True? Sometimes sure, but many companies have worked …

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Using Online Marketplaces to Generate Income

I have no idea who created this video but if you’ve ever wondered about offering your consulting services through,, or any other online marketplace, this video does a pretty good job at outlining the benefits. The author won’t reveal his whole method, seems like he stops at part three, and maybe his …

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3 Tips to Start a Consulting Business

In this video Josh Feinberg provides 3 tips to help you start a consulting business. This video is geared towards IT or computer consulting but the principles can be applied to any consulting field. Here’s the summary: Consulting is as much about people skills as it is about technical ones. Don’t worry too much about …

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